Intermediate/Advanced Bow Restoration

Course Description

Join David Orlin for an intense-five day workshop on Intermediate/Advanced Bow Restoration.  This course is for anyone with some working experience in bow repairs and bow making who wishes to further their skills, learn best repair practices and specialized techniques for bow restoration.  Learn how to approach and carry out work on more complex problems, wear, and old failed repairs, as well as replacement parts and antiquing.  Students will be using hand tools and simple machines.  This year the emphasis will be on the frog: replacing missing wood, silver & pearl; the all-important fitting of the frog/screw/eyelet system; cracks and other structural problems.  The course will be a mix of presentations, discussions, and hands-on work.  Bring projects and questions!

Pre-requisites:  Rehairing & Maintenance, Basic Bow Repair, and familiarity with basic bow work. This course requires instructor approval so list all your experience in the space provided on the application.  

Tuition does not include materials.

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