Instrument Restoration: A Focus on Crack Repair

Course Description

Spend a week learning effective and ethical restoration practices while focussing in particular on carack repair techniques with expert restorer Stacey Styles.  She will guide you in problem-solving and planning, the underpinnings of work as a violin restorer.  Every decision you make is a judgement call and how to navigate the decision-making process will be at the heart of the week's instruction.

Crack cleaning, alignment, gluing and reinforcing methods will be covered, with special consideration given to the specific projects in the room.  Demonstrations and discussions will happen daily with plenty of time for participants to work on their own projects.  The week will wrap up with crack filling techniques, which will provide a nice segue for those interested in attending the following week's course in Varnish Retouching.

Attend both the Instrument Restoration and Varnish Retouching and receive a multi-course discount.

Tuition includes some materials.

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