Instrument Making Master Class

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Join William (Bill) Scott for an intense five days of discussions, demonstrations, and group activities focused on professional making and competition entry.  This course incorporates an approach to aiding students in completing instruments to their highest level with consideration for international violin making competitions.  This approach concentrates on aesthetics, workmanship, model and materials, and preparation for competition entry. The ultimate goal is to focus the student on creating an instrument in hopes of reaching their greatest potential. 

As the current VSA president and one of several instructors with the VSA Oberlin Violin Making Program, Bill Scott is providing an incredible opportunity to help you advance to the required level of workmanship to join Oberlin's program of working alongside other highly acclaimed professionals.

Students are asked to bring what they have in progress and a finished instrument for evaluation if available.  Tuition does not include materials so bring what you need and your tools!

Take advantage of the Graduate Discount for recent grads (within the last two years).  Remember 2024 is a VSA International Competition year!

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