Basic Violin Set-Up

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Kristin Siegfried Ballenger will guide you in this 5-day intensive workshop focusing on providing participants with measurements, methodology, and techniques for setting up instruments.  While it will be primarily focused on violins, some techniques are applicable to violas and cellos as well.

This course is for those with some experience setting up instruments, but are looking for a reliable set of standards and techniques for a professional level set-up.  Course work will focus on new instrument set-up from laying out peg holes to finishing a bridge, and some sound adjustment.  It also will cover some problem-solving with tool set up to increase work efficiency.

Pre-requites:  This workshop is for participants who have minimal experience and are looking for specifics to increase their skills and knowledge toward a professional level set-up.

Tuition includes instruments and supplies. Participants may bring one additional instrument for specific questions or case studies.

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