Baroque Bow Making

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Although we live in a modern age, there are many musicians and patrons that relish historical music. Further your abilities and knowledge by joining Rodney D. Mohr as he discusses concepts of bow making and style as it pertains to Baroque music and its many facets.  Demonstrations will include making a template, cambering, and turning buttons.  This course is for students that have familiarity with bow making and proficient tool skills.

Pre-requisites:  Bow Rehairing & Maintenance, Bow Repair, or VSA Oberlin Bow Making and/or Restoration, and References.

With Snakewood an expensive commodity, suitable substitutes will be used to preserve limited resources.  Some tools are available for use during the week but it is best to bring your own planes, knives, chisels, and files. 

Tuition includes materials.


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