Advanced Violin Set-Up: A Systematic Approach

Course Description

This course is for the advanced maker or repair person wanting to refine their set-ups to meet the tonal expectations of discerning musicians. Tom Croen will guide you through a systematic approach to setting up an instrument in this intense 5-day workshop. Discussion topics include defining the scope of work; observation and documentation; developing, measuring and carving techniques; and acoustics. Discussion topics will include a primary focus on listening to the instrument and making set-up choices that enhance the tone and playability, how to evaluate an instrument and define the scope of work and learning to make systematic observations before diving in, preparing tools so they will do what you want, and basic use of recording acoustics using your cell phone as a workbench tool so setting up an acoustic laboratory is not necessary.

Participants should try to bring a violin or viola that is already set-up to incorporate the use of a worksheet.  Also bring your supplies, such as pegs, end button, strings, and 2 bridges (preferably Aubert Deluxe). We will determine the scope of work at the workshop.  Check the syllabus for a tool list and a schedule of daily milestones.

Pre-requisite:  A minimum of three years of work experience as a professional maker or repair person.  This course requires instructor approval so list all your experience in the space provided on the application.  

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