Our Building

Submitted by Learning Trade… on Wed, 04/11/2018 - 1:56pm
Learning Trade Secrets, Exterior

A spacious 2,700 square feet just minutes from downton Ashland, houses the new Learning Trade Secrets workshops.  South light from storefront windows provides a view to the serene outdoors.  The space is roomy enough for a separate machine room to assist workshops, while the educational area boasts a 75" television screen for compatibility with a computer or for simple movie watching.  A 4' x 8' whiteboard is ideal for class drawings and projections, with seminar tables and seating that do double duty for lunch-time gatherings.  A workshop area that accommodates up to 15 students in pods of 3 promotes student camaraderie.  A centralized hook-up in each pod provides for cell phone, IPad and other electronic device charging.  Rolling chairs with a height adjustment makes it a breeze to adjust the bench height for optimal woodworking.  The ultimate in luxurious style and functionality is the beautifully handcrafted cherry instructor's bench designed and built by Rodney D. Mohr.